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Eric Hayes Photography

In 1968, as a curious 23-year-old photographer, I spent a year and a half in England, mainly London, backstage and in recording studios, documenting the lives and performances of musicians who have become some of the biggest names in Rock & Roll. That was just the beginning of my career. I returned to Canada in 1970 and since then have free-lanced for many magazines and newspapers, occasionally making their covers. I have an insatiable love of travel and foreign places that over the years has taken me to many iconic locales. More recently, I have been inspired to create portraits of my friends’ kids as they grow up. I invite you to browse the Rock & Roll photos and get introduced to my Travel, Fine Art, and Editorial collections below.

Legends of Rock & Roll

I wanted to be a musician, but found that my real talent lay in photography. How else would I have ended up in the recording studios of some of the biggest stars of all time? From 1967 thru 1969 I was the lucky one with the camera. 

Canadian Geographic teaser


This gallery displays magazines and books that used my photographs on their covers, from 1969 thru 2013.

Princess Diana visiting Lunenburg, NS

Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales

One of the best assignments of my career was the royal tour of Atlantic Canada by Charles & Diana, the Prince & Princess of Wales, in June of 1983. In honour of her memory, I have selected 95 of my favourite photos from that 2-week shoot.

Schooner man magazine spread

Magazine Spreads

This gallery is all about double-page spreads, multi-page features, and, most exciting of all, cover stories.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Isn't it wonderful when your work and your interests cross paths? So it was with me whenever I was asked to photograph exciting, innovative, eco-friendly homes.

People & Places

This gallery showcases some amazing places and notable men and women I have had the good fortune to meet and photograph.

preview of magazine page showcasing food

Photographing Food

Not only do I love food – cooking and eating it – but I enjoy photographing it.


This gallery features an ongoing study of young people coming of age.


I love to travel. I love the food, culture, and people of other countries, so bringing home iconic images of the amazing places I have visited is a real thrill. 

In Their Own Skin

This exhibition will introduce you to the world of nude recreation, to a group of real people who are naturists, comfortable in their own skin, on vacation on a tall ship in the Caribbean. The ship and small islands with idyllic, deserted beaches provide the perfect backdrop for this return to the Garden of Eden.