In Their Own Skin

This exhibition will introduce you to the world of nude recreation, to a group of real people who are naturists, comfortable in their own skin, on vacation on a tall ship in the Caribbean. The ship and small islands with idyllic, deserted beaches provide the perfect backdrop for this return to the Garden of Eden.


For me, people are what make the world go round. A photograph can only record a single moment, but if you know your subjects and revisit regularly, then you have the added dimension of time. This is an ongoing study of young people coming of age.

Canadian Geographic Photography


During my 3 decades in Nova Scotia I was offered many amazing photo assignments, from being flown by heliopter to offshore oil rigs, to spending time inside the maximum security prison at Dorchester, to shooting 'A Day In The Life of Canada' up in Yell

Vatican Museum photos


I love to travel. I love the food, the culture, and the people of other countries, so bringing home iconic images of the amazing places I have visited is a real thrill. Some people go fishing for fish; I fish for photos.

Legends of Rock and Roll photography

Legends of Rock & Roll

I wanted to be a musician, but found that my real talent lay in photography. How else would I have ended up in the recording studios of some of the biggest stars of all time? From 1967 thru 1969 I was the lucky one with the camera. I am a perfect example of the old saying, “How do you get good photographs? Set your lens at f/8 and be there."

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