DURING MY 3 DECADES IN NOVA SCOTIA I had many amazing photo assignments, from being flown by heliopter to offshore oil rigs, to spending time inside the maximum security prison at Dorchester, to shooting 'A Day In The Life of Canada' up in Yellowknife, to spending 2 weeks following Charles & Diana, the Prince & Princess of Wales, as they were greeted enthusiastically on their 2-week tour of all 4 Atlantic Canada provinces – four examples of amazing opportunities to discover this great country and its people.

This gallery displays magazines and books that used my photographs on their covers, from 1969 thru 2013, including the 1983 Maclean's magazine that resulted in a National Magazine Award for Out Of Work, a cross-country series of black & white images of Canada's unemployed. For the full multi-page spread, please look at my SPREADS gallery.