Legends of Rock & Roll

I WANTED TO BE A MUSICIAN, but found that my real talent lay in photography. How else would I have ended up in the recording studios of some of the biggest stars of all time? From 1967 thru 1969 I was the lucky one with the camera. I am a perfect example of the old saying, “How do you get good photographs? Set your lens at f/8 and be there."

David Peck, founder of Reelin’ In The Years Photo Archive, describes me as “one of the great underappreciated photographers of the 1960s.” Who would have known that by following my passion for both music and photography that I would amass a portfolio of musicians who would become some of the biggest legends of rock & roll.

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If you’re interested in learning more about my early career and my time photographing these rock stars, you may enjoy reading these 2 biographies:

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Reelin' in the Years Photo Archive logoThese gallery pages show only a fraction of the rock images that I took in the 1960s. For a look at all of my photographs, please visit the searchable Reelin’ In The Years Photo Archive >. My images are available for licensing for documentaries and all forms of print media.