Magazine Spreads

THIS GALLERY is all about double-page spreads, multi-page features, and, most exciting of all, cover stories.

Little thrills a photojournalist more than the moment he or she sees their work in print, holding that magazine or newspaper in their hands. The satisfaction only increases when those photos have been spread across 2 pages, or are part of a feature article spread over several pages.

The ultimate thrill is the cover story – a photo on the magazine cover leading into a feature story inside. I have had a few of those which you can see here: "Out Of Work" in the 28 Mar 1983 issue of Maclean's, "Forgotten Poor" in the 30 Jan 1984 issue of Maclean's, "Schooner Man" in the Jul/Aug 1984 issue of Equinox, "Sick Kids" in the May 1986 issue of Atlantic Insight, and Dr. Kelvin Ogilvie "Research For Life" in the March 1989 issue of Atlantic Insight.